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Dear Sirs!

Our company Biotec produces hardwood charcoal for BBQ and grill.

We produce best quality hardwood charcoal made of hardwood for BBQ and grill. Our strategy is a development guarantees unchangeably high quality of products to our clients. 

Now we are looking for a reliable partner for long-term contracts. Production is located in Ukraine, export is possible.

Characteristics of hardwood charcoal:

Quality: Grade A.

Good quality features.

Packing: Packed to polypropylene (14-16kg) bags.

Size:20 mm-150 mm. fractions.

High calorific value;

Conformity to both European standards (Din, Din+) as well as GOST 7657-84;

Large fraction and high mechanical strength;


Our Month quantity about 100 tons.

Wooden charcoal

Charcoal in Craft bags

Charcoal in Craft bags
Products can be parceled into retail packages craft bags of the weight of 10, 5 and 3 kg and packed on European pallets....
Wooden charcoal in polypropylene bags

Wooden charcoal in polypropylene bags
Products can be sold in small and large wholesale quantities in polypropylene bags of the weight of 12-16 kg. Products of our Company possess the following characteristics: Quality of A grade, top and first sort; High contents of nonvolatile carbon (over 80%); High calorific value; Conformity...